Rehabilitation Assoc. Of Long Island


We have specialized programs for people who are dealing with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, hemiplegia from strokes and the stiffness and weakness from Parkinson's Disease. Specific programs we have developed address the effects of Spasticity on patients recovering from strokes. Our Spasticity program works with our Motor Recovery program to decrease excessive tightness in affected muscles through the use of medications, nerve blocks and chemodennervation with Botox and Marcaine. A recent article showed that Marcaine can decrease tone in muscles for up to 6 months in some patients.  Chemodennervation of spastic muscles decreases the excessive activity in the affected muscle and allows the limb to more effectively.

Our Motor Recovery program utilizes traditional Physical therapy techniques, and enhances movement in weakened limbs by using newer modalities such as Mirror Box therapy, Neuromove*, FES and CPM to improve arm and leg function. Prior to entering any program your baseline function will be evaluated by the staff of R.A.L.I. to determine areas that need improvement. Each patient receives an individual assessment with tools that are specific to their problem.

We utililize the Berg, Fullerton, TUG, Fugyl- Meyer, 30, second sit to stand, Ashworth, and other scales.